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Lake Kyyvesi in Haukivuori Finland



In 2006 sculptures from three countries will be installed for a first presentation. The selection is yet to be made.

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FOAM sculpture park is building a collection of contemporary sculpture. Exhibitions and symposiums will be organized regularly. If you want to learn more about modern art, including sculpture, order essay using in this way you will have knowledge on this topic, and you will be able not only to operate with concepts, but also to find author's meanings .

In south-east of Finland's lake district, Europe's largest open air museum of sculptures made its start in 2005 at Saksala ArtRadius in Haukivuori Finland.

REDUCTIVE ABSTRACTION Less is more again is the theme of the first sculpture symposium that will take place in the spring of 2005. Six sculptors have been invited to participate.
See a preview of the catalog under construction.

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