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At a certain moment one decides to found an international art center and of course symposiums are a part of this. And then, two years after this start, the first symposium has ended. It is gratifying to look back upon a stimulating time.
The choice for wood was a twist of fate, the local saw mill, Kyyveden Saha, had large logs in stock which were too thick for their machines. A beginning can be that simple.
The theme 'reductive abstraction, less is more again' formulated by Lucien den Arend has given room for the artists as well as the limitations of a real theme. The results are totally different as can be expected from different artists.
A starting art center is sometimes unconventional and thus the artists got the chance to choose their own time in which to work. Intensive contacts were the result. It is a true gift to have been with the artists and to have been part of the process leading to the finished sculptures.
The cooperation of people like Tapio Iso-Mustajärvi (mayor of Haukivuori) and Jukka Moilanen (local farmer and technician) and thanks to various volunteers there was always advice and technical assistance when it was necessary.
This first symposium tastes of more and the planning has started for 2006
as well as 2007. In 2006 HOMO ERECTUS is the theme and in 2007 a large stone symposium around the center and on various islands in Lake Kyyvesi.

Thank you for all contributions - financial, material en advisory making this symposium to a success.

Marja de Jong
Art centre Saksala ArtRadius




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