Varol Topaç
pine and other material

I am used to working in various materials such as metal, wood, stone, concrete, and mixed media for my sculpture. It depends on the location with its surroundings which materials are in supply and what my concept demands.
I prefer to work with two different materials combining them and relating them to each other. In this way I express my feelings about their interrelationship in living together, playing, sharing and touching each other.
During this symposium I was able to work on large pieces of wood, majestic trunks.
Generally all these subjects create the main idea of my sculptures.
When I use large pieces wood I am happy.
Working with large pieces of wood makes me ecstatic and enables me to project my views on life.
The surrounding nature at Saksala has influenced me in my work and in the choice of my forms. Various kinds of wood form a connection between the divided form, the sometimes touch each other and do not at others.




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