Kiril Prashkov
Finland’s New York City
Finland’s Mondrian (from the Natural Modernism Series)
painted wood

I thought a try to present nature going after the finds of Modernism would be an interesting thing.
It has already happened somehow in reality, almost a century after the first steps of Modernism occurred, of course. But do you hope someone would be astonished, if a tree would grow a “Mondrian” way today? In fact, there is no big difference with the trees or bushes in the parks of Versailles, for instance, shaped in their “classical” way…
Finland is seen as a European natural reserve; even the country has sent millions of its trees abroad, waiting for new forests to grow to be sent at their turn as Finland’s representatives. Why not to grow them “modern” then, to fix the image of the place at another level?
Mondrian’s painting is just an example how brightly a forest would look if such an experiment would start. There are, of course, much more authors, whose works were directed to change the world definitely, or culture, or forests… Imagine branches growing after the logic of Calder’s mobiles, trunks copying Duchamp’s fountain, or logs in the system of Malevich’s squares.




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