Ton Kalle
Being Here and Looking There

During the ‘Less in More Again’ symposium, I made two works. The first is a monumental outdoor sculpture in the field. There is also a group of seating elements and bowls.

In my work, I refer to the stars in the heavens. The title of the sculpture out in the field, ‘Being Here and Looking There’, makes this clear. The stable elements stand firmly on the ground, anchored, as it were, but their direction is upwards, giving a sense of seeking contact with the air above.

The shape of a star can be recognized in the bowls and the seating elements. When people sit on them, I hope they feel like they are among the stars.

Restfulness, simplicity and silence are characteristic of my work. These factors are always a presence in my sculptures. Through my work, I seek a way to make these factors, which are essential to me, visible to others.




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