The initiative by the Dutch artists Marja de Jong and Lucien den Arend has given a new future to an old agricultural location in Finland. Saksala, the former home for the elderly, has been given the opportunity to evolve towards an international art center owing to this initiative.

Dutch-Finnish cooperation appear to be effective, for within a year and a half a dilapidated original 'hirsi' building was transformed into a center with studios, workshops, a museum for contemporary art, children's drawings and young art, a gallery and an art shop - and around the buildings are the first signs of a grand initiative towards an international sculpture park for contemporary art.

The first symposium 'less is more again' shows the potential of this initiative. Artists from five different countries have made monumental sculptures, from colossal old Finnish pines, which can be seen in the landscape as well as in the AllaprimA Museum.

Through the combination of the original buildings and fields with the new artistic objective, a unique inspiring environment has emerged - surroundings in which artists and connoisseurs from Finland, The Netherlands and the rest of the world can acquire new experiences.

Cees Kieft
Deputy Head of Mission
Royal Embassy of the Netherlands
Helsinki Finland





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